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Which Shoes Go With Navy Blue Dress ?



Navy Blue Dress

The navy blue color is quite a serious color, dark and deep, almost near to black. It is the perfect color for very formal occasions or for wearing to work. Plus, its deep shade tone makes it give a slimming effect to the person wearing it. It matches perfectly with every skin tone whether you are fair or dark.

Navy blue is the perfect choice for work clothes. Navy colored gowns look amazing and regal and are perfect for occasions like balls. So no matter where you are headed you will need a pair of great to go with that dress. Here are what shoes will go perfectly with that navy blue dress that you are thinking of wearing.

Shoes for Work

Navy blue color is the perfect for all your work dresses. You can buy navy colored suits or navy colored blouses for work. Here are some shoe options for your work clothes:

  • Heel Pumps

Heel pumps look great with navy blue ladies suits. They add a whole formal air to the whole look. Plus, you will look amazing in them as well. However, make sure that you can wear high heel pumps all day long without getting your feet sore. Choose in the black or white color instead of navy blue. Completely covered pumps are the best choice.

  • Wedges

Wedges are excellent for wearing all day long at work, without the feet getting tired at all. Nowadays there are so many formal wedges available in the market too. Look for some black colored wedges with the same colored heel.

  • Flat Pumps

If you really can’t wear heel because your feet get sore or you are pregnant, then wear flat pumps. They are highly comfortable and not to mention look great with the formal work clothes as well.

Shoes for Occasions

If you are off to a formal event like a ball, wedding or an engagement party then you should choose the following shoes:

  • High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

Wear high heal peep toe shoes with a navy colored gown. It gives an overall formal look. Pick shoes that are in black, white or silver colors. If you are planning on wearing some jewelry then wear silver jewelry with silver colored shoes. Put on some glossy read nail polish on your toe nails to make the look glamorous.

  • High Heel Platform Shoes

High heel platform shoes look great with navy blue dresses. You can choose them in colors like white or grey. Grey goes quite well with navy blue attire, while still maintaining the overall formal look.

  • Sandals

If you want to add some color and glam to your look then wear one those glittering fancy sandals that are available in the market. They are adorned with pearls, stones, ribbons and bows. So choose one that matches your dress best. You can choose sandals in navy blue color as well to match your dress. Try to choose sandals that have a small heel to complete the whole look.

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