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Which Shoes Go With Knee High Socks?


Knee high socks are nice fashion accessories for girls and fashionable women, it is recommended to wear these knee high socks during winter so that you keep your legs warm. Most of these knee high socks come in different prints, so your choice is wide. You can wear you knee high socks with ankle boots, with high heels, with half boots, with closed pumps and much more. Lets get in details on which shoes you can wear with knee high socks in the steps below.

You can wear knee high socks with ankle boot. These boots stop exactly at the ankles, so they can look good with knee high boots, and if you plan top wear ankle boots with knee high socks, then you should wear a short skirt so that the both the ankle boots and the knee high socks get the desired attention. For example, lets use the example from the image below. This lady wore black ankle boots with black knee high socks and a golden skirt with black prints, then she matched it with a black top. I like the way she played with only two colors and she looked smart. It is always better to wear plain colored knee high socks , and they have to match with your outfit.

Which Shoes Go With Knee High Socks?

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 You can also wear knee high socks with Cirkus Boots, i like they style of the Cirkus Boots, they look so fabulous. To look smart in this type of boots, you will have to wear a plain dark colored knee high socks. For example, you can wear black knee high socks with these boots, then wear a short khaki or black casual dress.

Which Shoes Go With Knee High Socks?

For reserved ladies who want to look fashionable, you can wear knee high socks with Nightlight Pumps, these pumps are not over raised, so you will feel comfortable and mature,, yet smart. Too look smart with these night pumps, you can wear black see through knee high socks, make sure the socks are light, not the heavy ones, because these shoes are quite formal. Since the shoes are grey, you can wear a black pencil skirt to match with the black knee socks, then wear a grey top that can match with the Nightlight pumps.

Which Shoes Go With Knee High Socks?

For girls and fashionable ladies who always want to look young, you can wear knee high socks with Wedge Pumps.I like the colors in these wedge pumps, the good thing about these pumps, is that they raise you high, but they have a flat base, so you will have no trouble wearing them the all day. If you love mixing colors, these are the shoes to play with. I have seen colored knee high socks, get the color which can match with these shoes, but make sure you don’t over do the colors. The rule is to look smart ans simple, unless your Lady Gaga’s sister

Which Shoes Go With Knee High Socks?

Have a nice day….hope you will look fashionable today.

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