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Which Shoes Go With Khaki Pants?


Khaki pants differ in style, some of these khaki pants are skinny while others are straight legged. So the shoes you wear with a straight leg khaki pant are not the same as the shoes you wear with skinny khaki pants. Both men and women can wear khaki pants. For example, men you can wear straight leg khaki pants with moccasins or boat shoes, do not wear boots with khaki pants, just keep the outfit simple. Then for ladies, you can wear khaki pants with ballet flats, with high heel shoes, and pumps if the pants are the skinny type. Follow detailed steps below to learn which shoes to wear with khaki pants.

For men , you can wear boat shoes with khaki pants. These Boat shoes come in various colors, so you will have a wide selection on which boat shoe you will want to wear with your khaki pants. For example, if the khaki pants are brown, you can wear the navy blue boat shoes in the image below, and if the the khaki pant is navy blue or black, then you can wear the white boat shoes. Just play with the colors, bright colors go with dark colors.

Which Shoes Go With Khaki Pants

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Ladies you can wear khaki pants with high heels. In this case the high heels should be open toe type, because the closed toe high heels are not that casual to go with these casual khaki pants. So you can simply wear black high heels with your brown khaki pants then wear a green , white , red or a black top because all the colors i have mentioned will look good with brown khaki pants.

Men, you can as well wear khaki pants with sandals, the same goes with women. However, not all sandals look good with these khaki pants, so it is better you wear a t-strap sandals. These sandals are casual and classic so they will look good with khaki pants, i always prefer the top leather t-strap sandals.

For Men

For Women

You can also wear moccasins with khaki pants. These shoes are too comfortable, i always like the Clark type, they have this soft lining on the inside which makes them comfortable. You can wear brown or black moccasins on a white khaki pants.

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