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Which color of shoes to wear with navy suit


Suits are a formal dress code in nature and such cool colors bring out the looks well with bold colors of foot wear. A navy suit can offer you many matching opportunities, and don’t be afraid to wear a lighter-colored shirt underneath your suit jacket, just any color looks good with a matching tie. Suits are good for occasions, parties, company meetings and so much more because they in one way or another call for respect. we take you through what to wear with a navy suit

Steps on which colors of shoes go well on navy suit

For men you can wear a navy suit with a pink / white / yellow ,  sky-blue , orange cuff shirt with tan dress shoes, Tan is a neutral color that matches well with navy blue color. If you want to wear a tie, then it has to be a plain navy blue tie or black tie. Tuck in your shirt. In the picture below he matches his navy suit with a vest coat with a matching navy blue print tie just for greater looks, also a pocket square comes in handy on such an outfit.

Which color of shoes to wear with navy suit

Choose a brown belt and a black shoe to match with a navy suit. Wear a navy blue  business suit with two button canvas front jacket, and features flat front pants, custom working button holes  to match with a cream dress shirt to complete with a light blue tie and black dress shoes for better results not forgetting a silver watch.  For ladies with such an attire you don’t have to accessorize a lot because this outfit talks for it self.

Ladies, if the suit has a short skirt, wear it with black or grey heels, and a white or pink shirt. You can hold a hand bag that match the shoe you are wearing. Some women also prefer to wear a short tie just to look more fashionable, if you wear a tie be sure to wear one that matches the suit but most of the time a pant works well. A navy suit with pants like in the picture below will look great with a scarf tie or a short tiny tie just to look outstanding. Then mach up a short heel shoe in a plain dark color for great looks. Look at the collection in the pic.

Dress black shoes with Marc Ecko Men’s Trim Fit 2 Button Side Vent Navy Stripe suit Coat  with a white long sleeved dress shirt  with a light and navy blue striped tie then add a black belt  then complete you perfect look with a navy vest coat and make sure you wear a badge of you country on your suit. This look tells your personality.

Note Men can always wear a navy suit  belt less casual for stylish look. Look good with a white long sleeved dress shirt paired with a navy tiny tie under a navy slim fit coat with white pocket square to add navy slim fit pants with no belt then finish with white socks and black dress shoes for compliments.

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