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Which color of shoes to wear with navy blue?


Celebrities as famous women often don navy blue dresses and some of them have confessed that their preference for the color is not necessarily based on its romantic appeal. Rather, they hope it will convey their  so much wished for inner calm and peace of the mind to the rest of the outside world, out of their make believe world of fantasy.  Whether this is true or not, the fact remains that blue is a popular dress code among women of all classes.

Traditionally the color blue is associated with love and women are big stakeholders in the stormy and emotional game of love. Navy, or to be precise, navy blue is always a color outfit women have always been in love with. From the school girl to the celebrities, there is no exception. Scarcely can you find an invitation from the women folks to a social gathering in which the dress code, where it features, does not include blue. Another reason for its popularity is probably because it is a color that team with bold color outfits and least with print outfits.

Women wear blue dresses in different forms – maxi dresses, mini dresses, promotional dresses and dress tops. These dresses or outfits can go perfectly well with all sorts of shoe colors – white dress shoes, black dress shoes, navy blue dress shoes, silver dress shoes and cream dress shoes. Any of these colors can go well with navy blue dresses but the combination will now depends on the individual’s favorite dress colors.

However, care must be taken while making your choice to avoid combinations involving other accessories and hair style that may shout and kill your look because the incident may unnecessarily shift the focus from your personality to your uncomplimentary fair style and loud accessories. Blue outfits can be worn to formal and informal occasions and they can be great casuals. It can be inform of Mango woman dress, skirts, tops and the rest of them..

As already mentioned, navy blue dresses can go well with all manners of shoe colors. However, dark grey navy print shoes look perfect with navy blue dresses. As a woman, if you are headed for a party, you should bear in mind that simplicity does it in order for you to retain your natural attractiveness if that is your choice.. With a simple maxi short dress matched with a blue and grey print heel shoes, you will command attention from the fashion conscious folks among the crowd. That means your simplicity notwithstanding; you can still stand out among the crowd.

Another way women can turn heads at parties is still simple. A royal navy  blue dress with black ankle boots with a sense of style can do the trick. It looks simple but stylish and a good choice for young pretty women.

It is not done; you still have white dress shoes, black dress shoes, navy blue dress shoes and red dress shoes which stand out among several others from which you can match your combination with. All these colored dress shoes can fit in well with the appropriate navy blue dress combinations.

Of course, there are still many suitable colored dress shoes for fashionable women to pick from to match their navy blue dress taste.

Which color of shoes to wear with navy blue

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